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Electricians Finder started in 2008 and still going strong today. We have always had an interest in the electrician trade but one thing we found was that there weren’t many places to find electricians that had reviews or ratings so we decided to set up a website that would help people find information about their local electricians.

This website has made many improvements over the years adding in features to aid the public find the local electricians like our postcode search which results in a map showing where companies are located in relation to your own postcode.

We also have been adding in features for the electricians to add in opening times, company description, logos and areas served so you know what each company provides.

Most Viewed
Crown House Engineering
Dougal & Railton Ltd
Langhale Electrical
Scott & Coltherd
Dennis King
Lewis (Rothwell) Ltd
Balfour Beatty Power Network Ltd
Halls Of Wellowgate
Tremorfa Ltd
NME Services
Highest Rated
A Birkenshaw
Mirocourt Ltd
Murley Electrical Ltd
Moorlec Electrical Services Ltd
W A A Electrical Installations
F.A.Filce Electrical
Cosgriff Whitehouse Electrical
A M Electrical Services (Barnsley) Ltd
S T A Electrical Services
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