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City: London

Electricians for London, We have listed as many Electricians in London as we could find. If you know of an Electricians in London that we missed please submit it at: Listings Page.

The listings below will help you find local Electricians London, domestic electricians, electrician contractors, industrial electricians and electrical repairs in London. Electricians can offer services like: NICEIC Testing & Inspections, PAT Testing, Lighting Contract, Portable Appliance Testing, Home, Shop & Business Rewires as well as Lights & Sockets, Outside Lighting. Electricians Finder is first for domestic Electricians, Electrical contractors and industrial electricians in London.

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1 Central Electricians
1 Central Electricians
1 Central Electricians
121 Approved Electrical Contractors
1st Action Maintenance Ltd
1st Action Maintenance Ltd
1st Action Maintenance Ltd
1st Action Maintenance Ltd
1st Action Maintenance Ltd
1st Class Electrical Services
1st Class Electrical Services
1st Spark Electrics
1st Strike Electrical
24 Hr Quick Response Electrics
24 Seven
A & A Electricians Ltd
A & C Electrics
A & D Y Spyrou
A & J Electrical Installations
A & P Electrical
A A Blake Electrical Contractors
A A Smiths Electrical
A A Smiths Electrical
A Arfansaeed
A B M Electrical
A C Electrics
A Candela
A D Building Services
A D Electrical
A D Hall
A E T Electrical
A Electrics
A F S Electrical Services
A F Services T/AS Denspark Ltd
A First Call
A J B Electrical Services Ltd
A J B Electrical Services Ltd
A J B Electrical Services Ltd
A Laurie
A M B Electrical
A M Electricals
A Nichols Electrical
A T G Electrical Services
A W Perry Electrical Co Ltd
A Walsh
A Z Electrical Services
A.C. Electricians
A.C.S. Property Maintenance
A.C.S. Property Maintenance
A.C.S. Property Maintenance
A.L. Harrison Builders
A.S. Electrical
A1 Electricians London
A1 Safelink Electrical Services Ltd
AAB Electrical & Plumbing Contractors Ltd
AB-Link Electricals
Abbey Electrics
Acdc Electrical
Ace Electrics
Actionday Developements
Activate Security Ltd
Acton Electrical Services
Adams First
Adlec Installations Ltd
ADSM Electrical
Affordable Electrics
Alert Electrical
Alert Electrical
Alert Electrics
All Electrical Services
Allan Watson Electrical Ltd
Alliance & Alliance Ltd
Always Electrical & Plumbing
AMAC Electrical Contracting Services
AMAC Electrical Contracting Services
Ambrose Electrics
Amhurst Electrical
Anchor Electrical Services
Andrews J.H. Ltd
Angiesangels Ltd
Anthony Electrical
Appliance Testing Services Ltd
Approved Electrical Contractors
Arc Electrical Services
Arc Radius Electrics
Ardue Electrical Services
Arealight Ltd
Arealight Ltd
Artisan Electrical
Assure Electrical Services
Atanas Chikov
Atanas Chikov
Atlas Electrical Engineers
Atrium Electrical Services Ltd
Attersall Electrical Services
AWP Electrical Contractors Ltd
Axis Services Ltd
B & M Luff Electrical Contractors
B & R Electrical
B A Gore
B B Services
B D Electrical Ltd
B Electrical Co
B J Parker & Co
B P Duffy & Sons
B S Electric
B Voles & Son Ltd
B W Electrics Ltd
B W Electrics Ltd
Baldwin Electrical Co (St Marylebone) Ltd
Baldwin Electrical Co (St Marylebone) Ltd
Barrett Bros (Electrical) Ltd
Barrett Electrical
Beasley Electrical Ltd
Beaufort Electrical Ltd
Beaver Management Services
Begley Patten Engineering Ltd
Belmont Systems (UK) Ltd
Benwood Electrical Co
BMAPT Electrical
BMS Electrical
Bolding & Rudder Ltd
Bond Electrical
Booth Electrical Services
Borough Electrical
Boswell Electrical Services Ltd
Bright Spark Electrical
Bright Sparx (London)
Broadway Electrical Service
Brown Electrical Services
Bull Electrical Services (Westminster) Ltd
Bull Electrical Services (Westminster) Ltd
Bullen E V & Son Ltd
C & A Electrical & Plumbing
C & D Electrical
C A Wheeler
C D I Electrical Services Ltd
C G M Partners Ltd
C H L Enterprise
C P Andrews
C R Electrical
C R Electrical Co Ltd
C S Electrical Installations
C S Electrical Installations
C Wiltshire & Co
Candela Electrical
Canonbury Electrical
CAS Electrical Services
Chelsea Electrics
Chiswick Electrics
CHL Systems Ltd
City Electrics
City Guardian Electrical Ltd
Clearly Electrical
Clearly Electrical
Clidon Ltd
Cogent Electrical Services Ltd
Colm Byrne Electrical Ltd
Colorcode Electrical Installations
Connolly Electrical
Contact Electrical Services
Contract Services (London) Ltd
Coombe Electrical (Surrey) Ltd
CSL Electrical Services
D & A
D & D Electrical Contractors Ltd
D & S Electrical
D & S Electrical Services
D Bussey
D C Electrics
D E P E Breaden Electrical Ltd
D Herbert
D J Electrics
D J Electrics
D Maguire Electrical Services Ltd
D Rogers
D V Melvin & Sons
D. J. Willis Electrical Contractors
Dannys Electrics & Burglar Alarms
Dannys Electrics & Burglar Alarms
David Charles
David Hagan
David Price Electrical Services
Daws Building Services Ltd
Dawson & Gibbons Ltd
Dawson & Gibbons Ltd
Dawson & Son Ltd
Dealga Electrics
Dean Duroe
Dees Electrical Services
Delta Project Service
Delta Services
Dennis Johns Electrical Ltd
Denny & Flack (Electrical Contractors) Ltd
Derek Archer Ltd
Diamond Electrical Services
Dockland Electrics Ltd
Don Hobson
Douglas Hughes
Duncan Electrical
E & S Electrical
E B S Electrical Wholesale & Retail
E M Electrical
E S S Services
E S Systems
Eagle Electrics
East Devon Electrical
East Devon Electrical
East Finchley Electrical Contractors
East Finchley Electrical Contractors
East London Home Electrical Services
East London Home Electrical Services
East West Electric Ltd
Eastern Green Electrical Services
Eastway Electrical
Edwards Electrical Contracts
Edwin Mcginn
Electengs Ltd
Electract Electrical
Electric Comfort
Electrical Connections
Electrical Contractor 1
Electrical Contractors
Electrical Emergency Services
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Mechanical Services
Electrical Solutions
Electrical Technical Services
Elite Electrical
Elite Electrical
EMS (UK) Ltd
Equation electrics
Eurolec Services Ltd
Evans & Emeric
Excel Electrical Services
F C S Electrical
F G Keen Ltd
F G Keen Ltd
F M Electrical
F M Electrical Services Ltd
F.A.Filce Electrical
First Choice Electrical
First Strike Electrical Ltd
Flair Homes Developments Ltd
Forest Electrical
Foster & Allen
Fountain Electrical Ltd
Freeman & Co (Installations) Ltd
Fulcher Edwards Ltd
Fullerene Electrical Services
Fullerene Electrical Services
G & B Electrical
G & Z Electrical Contractors
G B Electrics Ltd
G B Electrics Ltd
G C Electrics
G Graham
G M S Electrical Services Ltd
G R Nursey Electrical Ltd
G V Electrical
Gale & Daws Ltd
Gale & Daws Ltd
Gallagher Sparks
Gas Engineers & Electricians 4 U Ltd
GB Contracts
General Property Services
Georges Electrical
GK Electrical
Global Refurbishment Services
Globe Electrical Contractors Ltd
Gordons Electrical Services Ltd
Greg & Co Ltd
Gretton Ward Electrical Ltd
H & C Building Services Ltd
H E Contractors
H J Tuwie
H K H Electrical
Hadley Electrics
Hamilton Clarke & Co Ltd
Harrison How Ltd
He-Reigns Electrical Services
Headland Electrical
High Frequency
Hills Electrical & Mechanical PLC
Holland Park Electrical Ltd
Holmes R J Electrical Contractors Ltd
Home Electrical Services
Home Integration
Hypa Electrical Ltd
I B K Electrical
Ian Attridge
In The Dark
ISSYS (UK) Contracts Ltd
Ivan T Electrical
J A Lambert Electrical Contractors Ltd
J Cahalan
J Coyle Electrical
J Dempsey
J I Electrics
J N Electricals
J P Electrical Installations
J P Electrics
J T Electrical
J Y Electrics
Jaybee Electrics
Jays Electrical Plumbing Suppliers
JGO Electrical
Jhonny Merizalde
JL Electrics Service Ltd
John Clark
John Hussey
John Ince Electrical
JPF Electrical
K R Moon
K S Building Services Engineering Ltd
K-Tech Services (UK) Ltd
K-Tech Services (UK) Ltd
K-Tech Services (UK) Ltd
K-Tech Services (UK) Ltd
K.M.F. Electrical Service
K2 Electrical Services
Kay Electrical & Security
Kelmat Ltd
Kenelec (UK) Ltd
Kewdale Electrical Ltd
Kewdale Electrical Ltd
Kinglake Electrical
Kinross Electrical Ltd
Kirby Security (UK) Ltd
L B Electrical
L J A Ltd
L J Electrical
L Thomas
Laser Electrical Services
Laviniere Ltd
Leaf & Carver (Electrical Services) Lltd
Lees Electrical
Lees Television
Lektrix Installations Ltd
Light & Vision
Light Pro Ltd
Light Pro Ltd
Lightside Ltd
Live Electrics
London City Electrical (LCE) Ltd.
London Electrical Contractors
Lumenglow Ltd
Lumenglow Ltd
Lund Roberts (Engineers) Ltd
Lynch I E I
Lyndhurst Services
Lynton Electrics (London) Ltd
M F Rogers & Co Ltd
M F Rogers & Co Ltd
M J Lawless
M J Leach Electrical Services Ltd
M J Leach Electrical Services Ltd
M J Quinn Integrated Services Ltd
M K Of Fulham Electrical Services Ltd
M M Electrical
M S Electrics
MAC Services Ltd
MAC Services Ltd
Magnus Services
Marshall Electrics
Marshall V Electrical Services
Martin Connell
Martin Flint
Matt Baker
Maynard Bros
McMillan & Co (Electrical Engineers) Ltd
Meadows Electrics Ltd
Meadows Electrics Ltd
Meica Ltd
Meir Electrical Installation
Metro Electrical Services Ltd
Michael Gilbert
Midguard Ltd
Miky Electrical
Miller & Hornsey Ltd
Millers Electrical & Building Services
Mirex Electrical
Monarch Electrical Services Ltd
Morgan Electrical
Moyne (London) Ltd
Mr Electric
Muirhead Electrical Co
N B Electrical Services
N G Bailey & Co Ltd
N T Lindsay Electrical Services
N V White Ltd
N V White Ltd
Nassah Services Ltd
Neutral Electrics
Nurse Electricians
O'Neills Electrical Installation & Property Maintenance Ltd
O'Sullivan Electrical Services
One Services
One Services
One Services
P & S Electrical
P A Buchan
P D Banbury
P H Electrics Ltd
P H Electrics Ltd
P J Gallagher
P Keegan
P S Electrical Contractors
P S Electrical Services
P Smith
P W Electrics Ltd
P Y Sound
Parkers Interior Specialist Ltd
Pars Sat Co
Patrick O'Reilly
Patrick O'Reilly
Paul Mean
Paul Stephens
PCF Electrical
PCF Electrical
Peckfords Electrical
Peckfords Electrical Contractors
Performance Building Services Ltd
Peter Parsons
PGS London Electricians
Phase Two Electrical
Phase Two Electrical
Phillipsons Electrical Contractors Ltd
Phoenix Electrical Co Ltd
Planned Protection
Platt & Davis Electrical Contractors Ltd
Polaris Power & Data
Power Electrical Installations Ltd
Power Safety
Preset Electrical
Pretell Ltd
Pro-Electrical Installations
Property Safety
Property Wise
Property Wise Management Maintenance & Consultant Services
R & I Electrical Services
R & M A Stewart Ltd
R A Hampton & Son
R C Electrics Ltd
R Dunham Electrical Contractors
R E Johnston & Co Ltd
R G Electrical Services
R J Electrical
R J Patching Electrical Contractors
R K Schuller
R L Bubb
Race Electrical Services Ltd
Rae Electrical Services
Rainsford Electrical
Rapid Maintenance
Raytell Electrical Co Ltd
Red Indian
Redring Electrics
Redring Electrics & Lamps
Regan Bros
Reiss Electrical Contractors
Renown Elec Co
Richard Bell
Robert Wyatt
Ron Lake
Roy Alan Contracts (London) Ltd
RP (Electrical) Ltd
Ruskin Building Services
Ryness Electrical Supplies Ltd
Ryness Electrical Supplies Ltd
S & M Electrical Security
S E C Norbury Ltd
S G Electrical
S I Brothers Electrical Ltd
S I Electrical Ltd
S I Electrical Ltd
S J Bartlett
S M Buckfield & Sons
S P B Services
S Quarrie
S Seymour Electrics Ltd
S Seymour Electrics Ltd
S Seymour Electrics Ltd
S T A Electrical Services
S T A Electrical Services
S T A Electrical Services
S W Bishop Electrical
S W Radley
Salter Electrical
Samson Electrical
Samuel Gordon Electrical
Sandilands (Electric) Ltd
Selby Super Electrical Co Ltd
Selectrical Ltd
Short Circuit Electrical Services
SI Brothers Electrical Ltd
Smith B
Soho Electrical
South East Electricians
Sparks Electric UK - London
Sparky Electrical Services
Speedy Electrical Services
Spokemead Ltd
Spotlight Electrical
Stanor Electrical Services
Stanor Electrical Services
Stay Safe Electrical
Stonebridge Electrical
SW1 Lighting & Electrical
Swift Services
T A Ronan & Co
T C S Electricals Ltd
T D Electrical
T H Ltd
T M D Electrical
T Noonan
T Pilipovic
Task Electrical
Task Electrical
Task Electrical
Terry Rushton Associates
The Electric Co
The Electrical Contractors Association
The Friary Electrical Co Ltd
The Friary Electrical Co Ltd
Tinemint Ltd
Tjaden Ltd
Tjaden Ltd
TKR Electrical Contractors
Toca Electrical Services Ltd
Todays Electrics & Testing
Tower Electrical Services Ltd
Tranzform Services
Treadline (Electrical Services) Ltd
Treadline (Electrical Services) Ltd
Turner Electrical
Twomey Electrical
Underwoods (Engineered Products) Ltd
Urban Electrician
Usher Bros Electrical
Ves & Co
VGR Electrical Ltd
W G Ferguson
W Portsmouth & Co Ltd
W Shipp & Son Ltd
Walsh & Dempsey
Walthamstow Electrical
Washington Electrical Contractors
Watson & May Ltd
Watson & May Ltd
Wayden Ltd
Wayden Ltd
Webb J P & Son
Whetstone Engineering Services
Whites Hall Ergonomic Systems
Williamson's Electrical Co Ltd
Willow Electrical Ltd
Windmill Electrics Ltd
Wingate Electrical PLC
Wired-4u Electrical Solutions
Wirerite Electrical Ltd
Wireway Electrical Ltd
Wright J
Y P T Ltd
Your Electrical Services
YSK Electrical Solutions

Featured Listings
Meir Electrical Installation

City: London
Address: 67 Bertram Road
Link: Meir Electrical Installation
Services Offered:
Areas Covered:

Latest Company Added
Gas Engineers & Electricians 4 U Ltd

City: London
Address: 71-75 Shelton Street
Link: Gas Engineers & Electricians 4 U Ltd
Services Offered: We offer annual servicing, installation, maintenance, testing(plumbing, central heating systems, under-floor heating, boilers & gas appliances) and electrical services for homeowners.
Areas Covered: West London, Hertfordshire and PE12 post code areas.



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