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Electrician: Baldwin Electrical Co (St Marylebone) Ltd

Welcome to the Baldwin Electrical Co (St Marylebone) Ltd Electricians and domestic electricians page, we have listed the full address of Baldwin Electrical Co (St Marylebone) Ltd as well as phone numbers and web sites. Baldwin Electrical Co (St Marylebone) Ltd is in London, Baldwin Electrical Co (St Marylebone) Ltd offers electrical services, electrical repairs, domestic electricians, electrician contractors and industrial electricians in London.

If you have used this electrical company be sure to leave a review or rating for Baldwin Electrical Co (St Marylebone) Ltd domestic electricians. Your comment might help someone looking for an Electrician whether it is a domestic electrician or electrical contractor. Please remember that this electrical company may offer services such as emergency electricians, qualified electricians, commercial electricians, certified electricians and much more so remember to contact Baldwin Electrical Co (St Marylebone) Ltd for further information. [Edit Text]

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Baldwin Electrical Co (St Marylebone) Ltd
61 Paddington Street
London, W1U 4JE
Phone: 020 79351638
Fax: 020 72244727

Services Offered: None Listed - [Edit]

Areas Served: None Listed - [Edit]

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Latest Reviews

* Alex Grange

Baldwins Electrical is a typical example of unprofessional practice and poor service. They accepted a job for a Saturday morning to do a straightforward job (booking made a week in advance). On the morning itself I had a phone call to say that the electrician would be "delayed". She was going to phone me back wioth closer timings but did not. I had to phone them in the end, and was reassured he would be late but was definitley booked to come. Did he turn up? You got it. Did they ring and tell me they were cancelling my job due to lack of interest? Right again. When I called them the following Monday morning they advised me to "look elsewhere". Obviously work is "easy come and easy go". So I will be going elsewhere and advise you also not to touch Baldwin's if you are looking for a professional electrician to come and do a job as booked by their (pretty discourteous) booking staff.

Apr 22, 2013

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