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Electrician: First Strike Electrical Ltd

Welcome to the First Strike Electrical Ltd Electricians and domestic electricians page, we have listed the full address of First Strike Electrical Ltd as well as phone numbers and web sites. First Strike Electrical Ltd is in London, First Strike Electrical Ltd offers electrical services, electrical repairs, domestic electricians, electrician contractors and industrial electricians in London.

If you have used this electrical company be sure to leave a review or rating for First Strike Electrical Ltd domestic electricians. Your comment might help someone looking for an Electrician whether it is a domestic electrician or electrical contractor. Please remember that this electrical company may offer services such as emergency electricians, qualified electricians, commercial electricians, certified electricians and much more so remember to contact First Strike Electrical Ltd for further information. [Edit Text]

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First Strike Electrical Ltd
Flat 203/Waterdale Manor House
20 Harewood Ave
London, NW1 6JX
Phone: 07931 388466

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Latest Reviews

* George

I called this firm to ask for a quote on having my flat rewired. The owner, Alex, came to the flat, chatted with me, and looked at the sockets, fuse box etc, discussed what needed to be done, said he would send me a quote, and left. He had stayed for about 40 minutes. Several weeks later, I had still not recieved a quotation, so I called to ask why. Apparently, he had not bothered to send me one because I was not the "right" sort of customer and it was not the "right" sort of job. He had thought I was simply looking for free quotations and was not genuine(ie - that I was searching around for the most competitive price, as any normal person about to spend a small fortune on a job would do - and as their website says they provide free quotations, I don't actually see the problem!). When I asked what had given him the impression that I was not a genuine customer, he hung up the phone on me. My review is therefore that this firm is not worth requesting a quote from. They are rude, unhelpful and will waste your time.

Oct 27, 2008

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