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Electrician: Keith T Smith

Welcome to the Keith T Smith Electricians and domestic electricians page, we have listed the full address of Keith T Smith as well as phone numbers and web sites. Keith T Smith is in Nottingham, Keith T Smith offers electrical services, electrical repairs, domestic electricians, electrician contractors and industrial electricians in Nottingham.

If you have used this electrical company be sure to leave a review or rating for Keith T Smith domestic electricians. Your comment might help someone looking for an Electrician whether it is a domestic electrician or electrical contractor. Please remember that this electrical company may offer services such as emergency electricians, qualified electricians, commercial electricians, certified electricians and much more so remember to contact Keith T Smith for further information. [Edit Text]

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Keith T Smith
43 Moorgreen
Nottingham, NG16 2FD
Phone: 01773 715631

Services Offered: None Listed - [Edit]

Areas Served: None Listed - [Edit]

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Latest Reviews

* Alex

Definitely would NOT recommend!. I used Keith to do a quick electrical inspection. I wasnt given a call out charge price beforehand but as he came recommended i thought should be ok. Keith gives me the price after the inspection and i agree on the spot without a word. He then sends me an invoice for a incorrect higher amount so i immediately remind Keith and he resend the invoice correctly priced. Didnt think anything of it but an honest mistake from his side. He was immediately paid and i asked if he would be interested in doing some more work at the flat to which keith replies "we do not have time to do other inspections. Clients always complain about the costs anyway". i found his comment very unprofessional and poor customer service. i wont be using or recommending Keith to anyone if thats the way he conducts his business.

Jun 9, 2016

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